Our fuels

Our fuels

We are proud to offer 100% green electricity. This is sourced from UK based wind and solar generators and certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO). We actively look for opportunities to support new schemes but most of our energy will be provided from existing UK based projects.

Ofgem (the government regulator for the energy market) issues REGO certificates for every megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity produced by generators and they are certified by the Carbon Trust. So our customers can be sure that every megawatt hour they use comes from renewable sources.

How you can be sure it's green energy

The types of renewable energy that are REGO certified include solar photovoltaic installations, onshore and offshore wind turbines, and biomass and it must be generated in the United Kingdom.

This means you can be sure that our electricity is low-carbon and generated in the UK.

Other renewable energy schemes

It’s important to us that we provide fair rates, fight fuel poverty and protect the environment. We actively look for opportunities to support new schemes.

We are in discussions with renewable generators about setting up Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), so that we can purchase renewable electricity directly from them. We also support the government Renewables Obligation scheme by helping to fund renewable energy generators.

Feed-in tariffs

We support customers who have existing feed-in tariffs. This is a government programme which encourages customers to create green energy.

The scheme is coming to an end, but we will continue to support these customers.

Feed-in tariffs

Fuel mix disclosure

We buy energy from generators across the market so that we can focus on serving our customers rather than generating our own power. We provide information about the mix of fuel we use to generate your electricity each year and any environmental impact this may have.

The most recent disclosure covers 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018. Robin Hood Energy (our energy supplier) started using renewable energy in July 2018, which will show on their next disclosure in April 2019.

View our fuel mix

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