Our tariffs

Our tariffs

The best energy tariff for you will come down to a number of factors, including the energy you use, your meter type and whether you want to pay monthly or as you go along – for example with a prepayment or Pay As You Go meter. Being a not-for-profit company means we can keep our tariffs low. We promise to always offer you the cheapest tariff that meets your needs.

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The quickest way to join us is online. Enter your postcode below and you’ll get an immediate estimated quote on your screen for gas and electricity plus details of our tariffs. It takes less than two minutes and there is no obligation to switch if you don’t want to.

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If you’d rather speak to someone and get help finding the best tariff with us, call our freephone home energy advisors and we can help.

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Choosing your tariff

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The basics

You pay a unit rate and a standing charge for the energy you use. The unit rate is the price we charge you for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy you use. The standing charge is a fixed daily amount we charge whether you are using your gas and/or electric or not. This is the standard way that energy companies charge their customers.

The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) we show you in our quote helps you compare your gas or electricity tariff to another. To work it out, we assume an average amount of kWh that a typical consumer would use and then add the unit rates, standing charges and any other discounts that may apply. It’s not based on annual usage – so please just use it as a guide.

Your fuel

If we supply you with both gas and electricity, we can offer you a duel fuel rate which is often cheaper than buying them separately.

If you create your own energy – through solar panels for example – you can claim money back through the Feed-in tariff scheme.

Feed-in tariffs

Your meter type

All gas and some electricity meters are single rate. This means that you are charged at the same amount in pence for the energy used whether you use it during the day or at night.

Some electricity supplies use Economy 7 (or two rate) meters. This means you normally pay a lower amount for electricity during the night than you pay during the day. If you have an electricity storage heater, Economy 7 white goods or use most of your energy at night, this would be a good option for you.

All of our tariffs offer single and economy 7 type (day/night) electricity rates.

Payment method

If you pay on a monthly basis, you can often get a cheaper deal. You can pay by Direct Debit or when you receive your bill (also called on receipt of bill). Some tariffs are only available for Direct Debit payers.

Customers on a prepayment meter top-up their credit like a mobile phone. This is called Pay As You Go (PAYG).

Bills and payments

If you want the security of paying the same amount every month, you can chose a fixed tariff. When you reach the end of the fixed term, we will contact you and help you find the best new deal for you.

Some fixed tariffs have an exit fee. This means that if you want to switch tariff or energy supplier before the end of the fixed period, you will have to pay a fee.

You can choose to pay every month but only for the energy you use. This standard variable tariff is normally the most expensive meter tariff available. To be sure you are only paying for the energy you use, it’s a good idea to send us regular meter readings.

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Monthly payment tariffs

If you don’t want to pay your bills by monthly Direct Debit, you can pay them when you receive your bill. This is also called ‘on receipt of bill’. But, you can save money on your energy tariff by:

  • paying by Direct Debit. You’ll get a discount of £22.50 for each fuel when you sign up.
  • going paperless. If you manage your account online through our self-serve portal, you will also get a cheaper rate.

Our tariffs for customers who pay monthly are:

  • Beam fixed 12 months with exit fee (gas and electric)
    This is the cheapest 12 month option, but if you switch (tariff or supplier) within the 12 month fixed period, you will be charged £30 per fuel.
  • Beam fixed 12 months no exit fee (gas and electric)
    The benefit of this tariff is that there is no exit fee so if you want to switch to another tariff or supplier within the 12 month fixed period, you can change without being charged.
  • Beam fixed 18 months with exit fee (gas and electric)
    The benefit of this tariff is that you have the security of knowing your energy price is fixed for 18 months. This has an exit fee which means if you switch to another tariff or supplier before the end of this period, you will be charged £30 per fuel.
  • Beam fixed 24 months with exit fee (gas and electric)
    You’ll have peace of mind for 24 months knowing your energy price is fixed and your cost will remain the same no matter how the market changes.
  • Beam standard variable (gas and electric)
    The standard variable tariff is normally the most expensive meter tariff. If you don’t renew at the end of a fixed tariff, you will be automatically rolled on to this one. But we’ll contact you towards the end of the fixed tariff term to help keep you off the variable tariff.

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Pay As You Go tariff

Our tariff for PAYG customers is:

  • Beam Pay As You Go standard variable (gas and electric)
    This a good way to stay flexible on PAYG. You can pay for your energy without having to worry about an exit fee but price of your energy will change each month and will often cost you more than a fixed tariff.

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