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Direct Debit payments

We send Direct Debit customers a statement 14 calendar days before we collect your payment. You can pay by Direct Debit in two different ways – by a fixed or variable monthly payment.

Variable monthly Direct Debit

You only pay for the energy you use each month. You don’t use the same energy throughout the year, so this means that your payments in June could be very different to your payment in January.

Fixed monthly Direct Debit

You pay a set amount that automatically comes out of your bank account on a specified day each month. This monthly payment is based on the information we have of your energy use, such as the figures you give us in your quote or after a six-monthly review of your energy use. You don’t use the same energy throughout the year, so we calculate the fixed monthly amount to cover a year’s consumption in equal payments.

We review monthly fixed Direct Debit payments every six months. We may adjust your monthly bill after we make a review so it better reflects your energy use.

If you regularly overpay, then you will build up credit on your account. In time, we will reduce your monthly Direct Debit.

If you regularly underpay, then you will build up a debt on your account. If this happens, we will increase your monthly Direct Debit amount so you can pay off the debt. This also means your bill better reflects your energy use. We will ask you before we increase your bill.

If you’re behind on your bills and you pay by monthly fixed Direct Debit, you can still make a one-off payment by debit/credit card to catch up.

Make a one-off payment

Pay when you receive your bill

If you pay on receipt of a bill, we will send you a bill every month by post or email. If you send us regular meter readings, we can bill you accurately each month. This is easy to do and means you only pay for the energy you’ve used! It also helps you understand how you use energy, which is difficult with an estimated bill.

There are many ways to pay when your bill comes through including online, by phone or in person.

Make a payment

Pay As You Go or prepayment

Topping up your meter is simple. Top it up using your key or card just like you’d top up a pay as you go mobile.

  • If you have a standard Pay As You Go meter you need to top up in person.
  • If you have a Pay As You Go smart meter, you can top up over the phone, online and in person.

If you don’t have a Pay As You Go smart meter yet, contact us to find out when we are installing in your area.

Contact us or call us free on 0800 953 4555 Contact us

We are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 5pm on a Saturday.

Payment help and support

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How often you get billed

You will receive a bill or statement from us every month so you know how much you are spending. In this way, we are different from other energy suppliers who may bill every quarter or six months, as we think it’s important for you to know how much energy you use. Pay As You Go customers won’t receive a monthly bill – we’ll send you an annual statement.

Making sure you pay the right amount

Submit your meter readings to us regularly, and you will only pay for what you use. To do this quickly login to your online account or give us a call for free on 0800 953 4555 (Monday and Friday, 8am and 8pm and Saturday, 9am to 5pm).

Pay As You Go customers don’t need to submit meter readings – we automatically get readings when you top up your credit.

How to submit meter readings

Energy supply charges

We give you the price for your energy in your tariff. You will get a copy of your tariff in your welcome pack. If you are on a fixed price tariff, your welcome pack will tell you when the fixed price term ends. If you are on a variable tariff, your tariff can go up or down depending on how much energy you use. If we change the tariff, we will contact you in advance. This information will also be included on every bill or statement that we send to you.

Our tariffs are made up of the following charges:

  • a ‘standing charge’ – which is a fixed daily amount and
  • a ‘unit rate’ – the price we charge you for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of gas and electricity you use. The rate may depend on when are using the energy, for example, if you have an Economy 7 meter, you will be charged a cheaper rate in the evening.

Understanding tariffs

If your meter isn't working properly

If you think your meter isn’t working properly, contact us straight away.

Get in Touch

Updating your bank details

Login to manage your payments. If you don’t have an online account, you can sign up for one or call us free on 0800 953 4555 (Monday and Friday, 8am and 8pm and Saturday, 9am to 5pm) to update your details.

Online Account

Support for vulnerable customers

You can qualify for free help and support if you are of pensionable age, have a disability, have long term health issues, or you are a vulnerable customer, for example, if you can’t top up your prepayment meter due to injury.

Join our Priority Services Register

Worried about paying?

If you, or someone you care for, are finding it difficult to pay your energy bill or meter payments we can help you. We’ll take into account your circumstances, so you’ll need to tell us about your situation. Our Customer Service Officers will listen and advise you on the payment options available. We can come to an agreement with you to help you repay what you owe in manageable instalments. This could be a set amount you pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

We will take all reasonable steps to be sure you can pay and will consider this when calculating instalments. This includes the possibility of using relevant third-party information, and all the charges you owe or need to pay through your prepayment meter.

We may also suggest installing a Pay As You Go (prepayment) meter or paying direct from your means tested benefits through Fuel Direct. We can also provide you with energy saving tips so that you can reduce your bills by using energy more efficiently.

There are also several independent organisations that can support you if you’re having trouble paying your bills.

What happens if you don't pay or contact us?

Taking further action is the last thing we want to do, so it’s really important you contact us as soon as you think you might have problems paying your bill.

If you don’t pay your bill and we don’t hear from you, we will try to contact you. If you don’t respond to us, or you fail to stick to an arrangement we have made with you, we may be forced to take further action. This may include installing a Pay As You Go meter in your home or passing your account to a debt collection agency.

In the event that you don’t pay, and we are unable to install a Pay As You Go meter, we can disconnect your supply. We will not disconnect during the months of October to March if you are of pensionable age and live alone, or with other people that are all of pensionable age or under the age of 18. We will also take all reasonable steps not to disconnect during the months of October to March if one of the house occupants is disabled or has a long-term illness.

All of these options are a last resort and steps we want to avoid wherever possible. If you are having problems managing your bills, contact us as soon as possible so that we can try and help.

Independent support

These organisations can support you if you’re having trouble paying your bills:

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National Debtline

National Debtline – a free service offering debt advice. Call Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, or Saturday from 9.30am to 1pm on freephone 0808 808 4000.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice – aims to provide advice people need for the problems they face. For England call 08444 111 444, for Wales call 08444 77 20 20.

Money Advice Trust

Money Advice Trust – a charity that helps people to tackle debts and manage their money wisely.

Step Change

Step Change – a charity offering free advice to help people overcome their debt problems.  Call freephone 0800 111 111.

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