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You can save money by choosing the right tariff for the energy you use, your income and your meter. Find the best tariff for you.
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If you pay monthly or when you receive your bill, you can get an annual discount if you manage your account online and go paperless.
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Send a meter reading

It's important to submit your meter readings regularly. It means you only pay for the energy you've used, and it helps you understand how you can make the most of the energy you use.
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Use a smart meter

Smart meters provide detailed information about your energy habits. Using a smart meter can help you understand how to save energy and therefore money. PAYG smart meter customers can track their credit balance and top up online and over the phone.
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Energy discounts and schemes

You may be eligible for government energy discounts and schemes that can help with your bills. Many independent and support organisations can also provide you with help and advice.
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Energy saving tips

It's simple: if you use less energy, you save money. There are many small ways that you can cut down on the energy you use such as only boiling the water you need in a kettle. Take a look at our tips for saving energy in the home.
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